Introducing “Sleeking” – A Digital Foil Solution

Introducing “Sleeking” – A Digital Foil Solution

Primary Color now offers a creative innovation to enhance your digitally printed products – Sleeking. Sleeking is an on-demand foil stamping solution for short-run digital applications. Digital printing has been taken to a whole new world with the sleeking effect.

Production workflow:

  • The foiling area is built as a separate color on the Indesign file
  • The foil file is printed on the HP Indigo as a double hit of black.
  • Printed black ink is the receptor for the sleeking foil (1 mill poly film)
  • Paper stocks can be coated or uncoated but needs to be verified.
  • Sleeking foil is applied by lamination. One side only.
  • After the sleeking has been applied the sheet is ready for 4/c image printing.
  • The sheet can also be used in conjunction with variable data printing.
  • Max sheet size is 19.75 x 29.75 (image area).
  • Laminating film is 18.9″ max size.
  • Cover weight up to 18 point.
  • You can control the color of the foil by printing 4/c process over the foil.
  • 3 foils available: gold, silver, clear


Want to see how good the sleeking effect is? Receive a FREE copy of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue No. 5 by signing up here. The cover on this issue has been sleeked!

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