Part 3 of “The Fabric Five” – Fabric Pillowcase Banner Stands

Part 3 of “The Fabric Five” – Fabric Pillowcase Banner Stands

For this blog series “The Fabric Five”, we are going to show you 5 fabric products we think you should consider for your display toolkit. Fabric displays have a modern look, evoke a sense of elegance and save you money in shipping compared to large rigid graphics.

Part 3 – Fabric Pillowcase Banner Stands

We are all accustomed to retractable banner stands which are used at trade shows, conferences, events and yes, even in some retail stores. Retractable banner stands are very popular, but perhaps you are looking for something different.

Fabric pillowcase banner stands are a great alternative solution. They are lightweight, simple to setup, will last long, and in our opinion look really good. And since the fabric graphic just slips over the hardware, changing out the graphic is very easy. You can even add shelves and lighting to it. Retractable banner stands are more prone to complications and breaking with repeated use.

The flat base is available in black or silver and the fabric graphic can be as big as 35-1/2″ x 84″. Assembly is tool-free with shock-cord uprights.

So if you are looking for a modern alternative to the retractable banner stand, the fabric banner stand is the way to go.

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