Part 4 of “The Fabric Five” – Triga Tension Fabric

Part 4 of “The Fabric Five” – Triga Tension Fabric

For this blog series “The Fabric Five”, we are going to show you 5 fabric products we think you should consider for your display toolkit. Fabric displays have a modern look, evoke a sense of elegance and save you money in shipping compared to large rigid graphics.

Part 4 – Triga Tension Fabric

For part 4, we are featuring our tension fabric display system, Triga. Triga is lightweight modular system that allows for endless configuration options for fabric displays. The Triga system comes with only four parts and the entire display can be easily put together without tools. It is the ideal display system that can be setup easily and travel to multiple events.

Whatever you envision for your trade show displays or event backdrops, Triga can help bring your idea to life. When it is time for a new display or different size booth, the same hardware can be repurposed and a fresh fabric can be printed to display your new message.

Primary Color is the only authorized manufacturer and distributor for Triga tension fabric displays in North America. The displays are manufactured in Costa Mesa, CA.

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