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Primary Color is a global visual solutions company. But more than that, we’re a network of big thinkers, tech-savvy craftsmen and resourceful can-doers. We’ve been turning heads and getting results with next-level marketing products since 1984.

We’re setting the standard as an industry leader through print innovation, painstaking craftsmanship and expert service. All this while innovating traditional workflows and implementing the latest systems-driven print solutions.

Primary Color is also an FSC and 3M certified company, and we’re certified as a G7 Master Printer. So, whether it’s a project as small as a greeting card or colossal as a skyscraper, we’ve got you covered.


Primary Color offers a comprehensive array of visual marketing products and solutions. Our capabilities are specifically designed to accommodate enterprise-level clients for whom centralized control of all critical aspects of a project is essential. As such, Primary offers cost and time saving benefits by hosting all critical services under one corporate roof.

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A Centralized Visual Communication Provider

Primary offers six core print services under our roof: Pre-MediaLitho PrintingLarge Format Digital PrintingDigital Silkcreen PrintingDye-Sublimation Printing and Variable Data Digital Printing. And all these services are color managed to each other, ensuring brand consistency for our clients across all print marketing materials.

PRIMARYCONNECT, our integrated web-based print management solution, is an integral part of our vision to ensure consistent branding and worldwide distribution of customizable marketing materials.