How do we consistently produce “best in class” printed material for our clients?


Primary Color’s heritage and core competency is pre-media – the foundation of good print reproduction. We like to emphasize the importance of pre-media and our intelligence in this area and recognize this as a differentiator from other printers. The basis of good printing starts with good files, color management, how ink prints on substrates and an artistic eye to know what makes a good image. The printed material is the culmination of all the up front intelligence. Our creative skillset ensures we manage color to maximize the visual impact across all printed media. Our precise production of printing files takes full advantage of all printing techniques, presses and devices. And it all takes place around the clock, at Primary Color’s two world-class pre-media facilities.

Color Management

  • Recognized leader and innovator in the print industry
  • Certified G7 Master Printer since 2007 and ColorCert certified
  • Precise, web-based, global color management control capability with online dashboard verification
    and reporting
  • Our products are in compliance with GRACoL and SWOP standards
  • Color managed workflow from capture to print
  • Consistent brand image across all devices and substrates
  • Internal and external implementation

Automated Workflows

We specialize in identifying process improvements, creating streamlined workflows and then implementing solutions into our day-to-day operations. We work with our clients to help them harness these powerful and proven solutions, integrating smarter workflows into their own design and prepress studios. It’s a process that allows our clients to intelligently address a wide range of solutions: color managed work environments, remote proofing solutions, image and file database management, legacy file conversions, conforming files to new standards, integrating marketing data with print data, web-to-print integration and any data intensive pre-media functionality.