Acura NSX ELS Studio® Premium Audio System Launch Concept

Panasonic_ELS Kisok_EE_1

High-end cars deserve high-end audio, and when Acura and Panasonic partnered to develop a high-end audio experience for the relaunch of the highly-coveted NSX, they sought out the expertise of the Primary Color design and fabrication team to make a splash at the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show.

Primary was tasked with developing an impressive, small footprint display to convey Panasonic’s key driver of bringing studio quality audio to Acura’s redesigned NSX.  Powered by Panasonic’s proprietary technology and a collaboration with Grammy Award winning producer/engineer Elliot Scheiner, the ELS Studio® Premium Audio System boasts 9 speakers, 12 channels and 580 watts of power, transforming Acura’s ultimate supercar into the ultimate studio-quality listening experience.

In collaboration with Panasonic’s Sensory Solutions Group in New York, Primary’s design and fabrication team created a mobile experience that, not only fit the look and feel of the upscale Acura and Panasonic brands, but also communicated the audio technology capability of the prestigious ELS Studios.  This was achieved by integrating audio, video, sound and lighting with high-end materials such as carbon-fiber, leather and an authentic Grammy award to deliver the Acura Launch Experience; all cased within an attractive and easy-to-use and transport mobile package.

While the initial unveiling occurred at CES in Las Vegas, there were immediate follow-on showings at Acura’s prestigious Studio 540 and ultimately nationwide.

Primary was proud to be a contributing member of the team and looks forward to further collaboration with Panasonic in the future!

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