Floor Decals – The Most Cost Effective Solution

Floor decals are a unique option for displaying your message and you can greatly benefit when you get your floor decals produced on our M-Press Tiger. This high-speed flatbed press has amazing resolution and speed, but what makes this device unique is an inline silk screen unit that can apply specialty coatings. With our new anti-slip coating for the M-Press, we can print and coat in one pass – a tremendous advantage and savings to you. Not only will your floor decals get to market quicker, but without having to apply a costly film laminate to achieve slip resistance, you will save money. This application and process is one of many cost savings solutions offered by Primary Color.

Floor decals are great solution for indoor and outdoor events, car dealer showrooms, hotel lobbys, grocery stores and anywhere else you can imagine. We can produce a floor decal for you whether it be on carpet, concrete, tile, asphalt or an uneven surface.


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