Hacking Creativity and Shattering the Limits of Human Potential

Hacking Creativity and Shattering the Limits of Human Potential

ThinkLA’s latest installment of their Trends Breakfast series should have come with this warning: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Discovering what keeps 18-34 year-old males inspired is not for the faint of heart. Bryan Smith of 72andSunny, Marc Eckō of Complex Media and Dr. Andrew Walshe of Red Bull shared their expertise on what makes this key demo tick.

How does a pharmacy student dropout and part-time graffiti artist become a multi-media mogul? “Multi” is just one key word to describe Marc Eckō, Founder and Chief Brand/Innovator for Complex Media, a fashion, entertainment and lifestyle brand aimed toward young males. From the magazine’s start in 2003 to the launch of complex.com in 2007, Eckō kept his target audience all-inclusive. He does not see black and white, urban or rural. His world as the purveyor of Pop American Culture knows no boundaries.

Eckō says, “Cool doesn’t discriminate. Your brand is a broadcaster. Defy categorization. Don’t think of your brand as a house with a front door. Ideas and energy are coming in through the windows and floorboards. Understand your brand’s utility. Your consumers want to know why are you useful to me?”

Moderator Bryan Smith, Co-Director of Strategy at 72andSunny, asked “What makes stuff shareable?” Eckō responded “The power of passion. Passion is magnetic. It draws people in. We’re in the business of making people feel.”

Just because the Red Bull Stratos Team researches what makes high performance athletes shatter all barriers does not mean you should try to free fall from space like Felix Baumgartner, jump a building on your cycle a la Robbie Maddison or catch a monster wave like pro surfer Ian Walsh. You may think you can do those feats after drinking several cans of Red Bull, but save it for the professionals!

Dr. Andrew Walshe is the Red Bull Stratos High Performance Director, which is a very long title for “most awesome job ever.” Walshe is there with camera crew and research team in tow to create the ultimate viewing experience for us. What we view as extraordinary stunts are really the result of extensive research on the traits of what makes a world class performance and believe it or not, learning from failure. Quite simply, Dr. Walshe studies what it takes to be great at the job you do. Life skills for this group of over achievers include their ability to make decisions under pressure, have acute insight into what happens next and perform with precise execution.

Smith asked Walshe about how he and his team handle some often equally epic failures. Walshe said, “Failure is a warm-up, just another step. You have to create an environment where you learn from that failure.”

Common trait all high performers have that you can try – the ability to slow their breath to get back into the peak performance range. Try it before your next presentation. And what about “hacking creativity?” Walshe broke down the components of creativity as trainable, tangible, cerebral, remixed and everywhere.

How are you going to hack your personal or brand’s creativity? Are you living up to your full potential? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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