A Revolutionary Shelving System Now at Primary Color

An Interactive Shelving System

This precision-engineered shelving system will bring interactivity to your environment whether it be a retail store, corporate lobby, showroom or restaurant. The shelf accepts a magnetic printed image for a unique branding opportunity and it can be changed out effortlessly at the store level for seasonal campaigns, sales, and promotions. This solution can lower shipping and installation costs.

Every shelf is 16″ wide x 9″ deep and a minimal 1/4″ thick, holding up to 8 lbs per shelf and the modular system can adapt to any size space. Color options include silver, black, gold and copper and the magnetic printed material comes in an array of finishes including: films, fabrics, veneers, chalkboard and dry erase..

Features and Benefits

  • Individually pivoting shelves rotate easily – no tools required
  • Modular rail-based design – create any size layout
  • Each shelf features a smooth, quiet, resisted drop movement and will not move due to building vibrations or user interaction
  • All components made from solid extruded aluminum with a durable anodized finish
  • Made in the USA


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