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Our M-Press Tiger Scores a Big Sister – The KBA Rapida 205

Our M-Press Tiger can print up to 8 ½ feet in size and has been able to produce these oversize products for digital and silkscreen applications. Primary has now added a
KBA Rapida 205, with a sheet size of up to 6 ¾ feet, with all the attributes of long run length litho printing.

Who is She and how did She get here?

KBA is the world leader in supersize litho presses and the 81 inch (6 ¾ feet) is the world’s largest size sheetfed press. Mike Hirt and Ed Phillips performed all the due diligence and in March 2013 she was under way. Her journey by boat took her across the Atlantic through the Panama Canal, Port of Long Beach with her final destination to our sheetfed facility in El Segundo, CA. Everything about this press is massive. The transportation trucks, the forklifts, the condensers, the gears, the cylinders, the sheets of paper, the pad, the cutter and the space she occupies. Primary is immensely exited to provide these expanded capabilities and if you notice our smiles are colossal you now know why. Below are a few pictures of the journey, install, press crew, color management and sheets coming off of the press.

Journey from Europe through Panama to El Segundo, CA.

The digging of the pad.

Crane for condensers on our roof.

Eight eighteen wheeler trucks with containers.

Unloading the press at our loading dock.

Making its way into the shop.

Installing the press.

Positioning the cylinders.

Gears are greased and ready to roll.

The press is 100 ft long by 20 ft wide by 40 ft high, yet the installation tolerances are 1/64th of an inch.

Gears the size of Ed Phillips.

Installing a unit.

German install and training crew.

Chris Milos behind a color managed press sheet.

Chris Milos inspects the press sheet.

Three man press crew/craftsman and experts in large press operation.

The proud pressmen.

The press is all dialed in.

Mike and Ed as happy as can be.

First sheets coming off the press.

Watch the Video of the Inaugural KBA 81″ Press Check