Primary Color Installs the Vutek TX3250r Dye-Sublimation Printer

Primary Color continues to stay at the leading edge of print technology by installing the Vutek TX3250r dye-sublimation printer. It is capable of printing up to 10’ wide at high speeds to create fabric banners, flags, trade show banners, retail displays and produces beautiful prints for tension fabric displays and fabric light boxes.

dye sublimation printing

“With fabric and especially backlit fabric applications being a popular choice for exhibit and retail designers, it was a simple decision for us to purchase this new fabric printer from Vutek,” mentioned Dan Hirt, President of Primary. “In addition to the soft feel and wrinkle resistant features, the TX3250r reproduces the most predictable color in its class. This is crucial for Primary because our customers know us for producing exceptional color managed products.”

trade show displays

Capable of high definition 1080 DPI image quality and 8-color printing, the Vutek TX3250r prints direct to textiles or indirect via transfer process. It dyes the fabric directly so the fabric retains its drape and soft feel. This device can produce soft signage that is odorless, achieves bright colors and can be washed and handled without harming the print. The TX3250r produces a product that can be folded for easy transportation, reduces shipping costs and leaves a greener footprint.


With our in-house structural design team, modern print technology, and fabrication capabilities, Primary Color is a single source for all fabric display products.

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