The New Lobby at Primary Orange County

Primary Color Orange County remodeled the plant interior and highlighted the lobby entrance with visual graphics and unique applications that we were able to design, fabricate and produce internally. With the celebration of the new M-Press Tiger printer we wanted to titivate our lobby with a complete makeover (the turtles and pond remained part of the design). The desk and wall  “wood” graphics were created by scanning a sample of reclaimed wood, retouching and color balancing to create a realistic “wood wall” and printing to adhesive material to create a custom wallpaper. The print substrate was a sustainable wall covering material that is FSC certified, moisture-resistant and carries a class A fire rating. The custom designed desk was constructed at Primary with the graphics printed directly to the plywood and shaped on our CNC router.

Three wall mounted LCD displays project our current projects and initiatives as well as a live cam of our Los Angeles printing facility. The south wall was painted with Primary’s brand color and our core expression “COLOR ” printed to adhesive vinyl and die cut. The Primary logo behind the receptionist desk was manufactured from die cut acrylic with polished edges and installed to the wall with pins.

On the North wall we installed a hanging system to display photographic prints. This minimal hanging system allows us the flexibility to continually expand and update our images simulating a retail environment or window display.

We hope to creatively inspire the graphic arts community with some of these visual applications. If you would like to find out more about these applications, please get in touch.

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