Visual Merchandising with a BAM!

BAM_Store Signage_AR_1

Books-A-Million! (BAM!), America’s second largest book retail chain, hadn’t changed their visual retail environment in a number of years and decided it was time for a refresh in order to cater to a more modern audience. With a strong appreciation for the persuasive power of visual branding, BAM! challenged Primary to create a visual branding experience that would consistently speak to the consumer from “one voice”, and create a comfortable visual surrounding that represented the constantly changing mix of product and titles offered by the brand. The end goal being to catapult them as the top-of-mind book retailer. 

No two retail environments are exactly alike; each has its own challenges. With that in mind, you can imagine the inherent challenges of illustrating hundreds of feet of visuals to be installed in a store.  Working with BAM!’s exceptional marketing team, Primary embraced this challenge head-on, creating dozens of designs that best matched the brand’s attributes, while taking the wide variety of environmental configurations into consideration.  Primary created, illustrated, produced and installed several hundred feet of visual content that is fast becoming the visual representation of the Books-A-Million! brand.  

We design, print, survey and install for a wide range of retail environments under many different constraints.


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