Instagram Stories Traveling Display

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“From the epic to the everyday moment Instagram continues to provide the best platform for me to tell my brand’s story through visual inspiration. By using Instagram Stories, it is another way to bring my business’s story to life on Instagram.” – Instagram

In order to promote Stories to brands, Instagram approached Primary to produce a traveling display that would immerse users into the world of Instagram Stories and show the value of brands investing in marketing through Stories.

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Primary was tasked with developing multiple traveling displays that would be used in different locations around the world. These displays would need to be easy to setup and take down and be crafted to specific audiences. A one-size fits all solution was not going to work. So the Primary D+F team worked on creating multiple displays that worked as an integrated solution.


In collaboration with Instagram’s design agency, Primary’s D+F team produced renderings for the 4 different displays, specifying the design and materials that were to be used to produce them. It involved producing custom structures that would integrate printed material and electronics. Each display included a floor, large book structure and small book structure.

The floor was a tile system with printed vinyl graphics to create a color fade. One version utilized carpet tiles. The floor helped define the display space and the color drew your eye to the display. The tiles were interlocked together and made to be easily positioned and stored in the transport case.

The large book display was a set of 3 metal frames (pages) that are held together with brackets and threaded knobs, no tools required. The brackets were covered with a slip-on spine cover. The finished product looked like an open book. The exposed pages had magnetically coupled panels that could be easily changed with new graphics. Two of the pages were graphics and 2 of the pages had 5 iPads on each page that played Instagram stories. The middle frame had lights on top to illuminate the pages.

The small book structure was an oversized closed book on a custom 3 legged table. It utilized the same cover graphics as the large book.

All components fit into a custom rolling case in specific compartments for easy and safe storage.

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The ease of assembly and take-down has enabled Instagram to utilize the four different traveling displays at events all over the world, including New York, Toronto and Mexico City.
And the ability to modify the graphics at anytime has also allowed us to make adjustments on the fly for certain events.

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